Git-It-N-Git is more than a fish & chip joint; It's a black-owned business serving savory seafood.


Git-It-N-Git is a registered LLC managed and owned by Stanley Boyd.



The late Stanley Boyd Sr., a New York City firefighter, originally opened Git-It-N-Git in 1970 on Ralph Avenue in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn.

The menu was similar to today's with fish and chips, fish sandwiches, knish, but also included frog legs.

Stanley Jr. eventually took over the operation but was forced to close in the mid-1980s. He reopened the restaurant in 1994 with two friends, a block away from the original location.

Stanley enjoyed 17 years at that location, but unfortunately lost his lease in 2011.

In December of 2014 he reopened at 1299 Bergen Street in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn.